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The HubSpot Platform Review

We surveyed over 250 Hubspot users across a range of business functions, company sizes, and industries to assess the current state of the HubSpot platform: which parts are driving the most value, which are perhaps misunderstood or underutilized, and which still have notable room for improvement.

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A decade ago, HubSpot launched its free CRM, marking the initial move from a robust marketing automation tool to a comprehensive customer engagement platform. With the addition of Content Hub, HubSpot expanded to offer 6 Hubs equipped with various tools catering to marketing, sales, customer service, and operations professionals across businesses of all sizes.

One thing is for sure: HubSpot's dedication to customer experience is evident in their constant innovation. 

This research aims to provide insights into HubSpot's features and tools including:

  • Key features delivering maximum ROI
  • Overlooked tools with potential for business impact 
  • Areas of improvement and innovation with HubSpot's suite of tools

Check out the full report for our research findings and expert analyses from leaders at Aptitude 8.

The 2024 HubSpot Platform Review


With expert analyses by Aptitude 8:

Connor Jeffers (2)

Connor Jeffers

CEO & Founder 

Bryan Byler

Bryan Byler


Emily Wingrove

Em Wingrove


Christopher Barnett (4)

Christopher Barnett 

VP of Revenue

Ryan Gunn (1)

Ryan Gunn

Director of Demand Gen & Marketing Ops

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